Saturday, May 28, 2011

I Kraine.. You Kraine..We all Kraine for Ukraine!!!

Hola, my wonderful readers (thought I'd get us started with some German just to jazz up the mood), I hope everyone is doing well. Ive been (poorly) writing this blog for 5 months now and after checking my overall stats about how many hits/readers I've had here, etc. I noticed something pretty interesting, besides the U.S. where the majority of my readers are located, the second largest group is actually from the Ukraine! I think this is awesome and I happily embrace my new found celebrity amongst the noble people of the Ukraine. A big "Thank You" to all who have checked out the utterly idiotic things that I spew from my fingertips every so often, I truly feel honored.
     Now I won't pretend that I am a master of all things Ukrainian, but I vow that because of your wonderful people's loyal readership (or one weird guy who just refreshes a lot in the Ukraine) I will do the best I can to learn of the magical land that is the Ukraine. I found some interesting info to start, at this link here . My personal favorite fact being  "The heaviest silver coin in the world is a Ukrainian anniversary coin "10 years of hryvnia revival". Its weight is 1000 grams. It was issued in Ukraine in 2006"....(who'd have thunk it!...not me, I'll tell you that....I always assumed the world's heaviest coin would have been filled with chocolate...but hey, you live, you learn).
   Another awesome thing I learned about the Ukraine is some of the famous people who have roots in "The U" (as I like to now affectionately call it.... I would have went with the UK but the English had to steal that too....just like my ancestor's potatoes...grrrrrr). Though they have produced numerous scientists, philosophers, writers and artists, some of the most famous names Americans such as myself would know include Milla Jovovich, Mila Kunis, Jack Palance and Alex Trebek. Now personally, the fact that Palance (one of the toughest hombres (the German word for "fighting gentleman") that ever lived) and Trebek (The smartest man alive) are native sons of this fine land should tell the world that "The U" is a place of kings and I hope all of my readers will also develop a high respect and love for all things Ukrainian.
   With that said...I'm off to learn more about my new friends in "The U". I would leave you with my customary "ill see you when i see you folks" in Ukrainian... but sadly at this point I've only learned (which translates to "please speak more slowly") off to learn their national anthem.... adios! (see I didn't forget about you, Germans)

p.s. as a bonus I have included this picture (now I know that Petrovic was Croatian....but it just so happens that the Croatians and the Ukrainians began formal relations in 1992 and this is a 1992 Petrovic  Nets clearly it all works out!!!)

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