Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Writer's Block.... a.k.a laziness

Hola good people....your favorite rambler here again. and this time ive honestly got nothing to say to you. im up at 2:48am and since in 12 minutes Amazon starts an all day video game sale (check it out at http://www.amazon.com/gp/goldbox/ref=cs_top_nav_gb27 if ur so inclined... you may just save yourself a nickel or 3)  I figured id kill some time and send out an update on a blog that has been severley neglected this past month. so like i said i have nothing to really say at the moment so ill rehash an rant i wrote a little over a year ago about cynical movie reviewers...hope you enjoy... actually i dont care much ewither way, but the first sentiment does sound more polite.....

Cynicism is a disease

            Doctor Brown getting zapped with lighting? Force-feeding us the third movie (as we conveniently get a preview for it as soon as the movie ends)? Marty meeting different versions of himself? Please, for the love of God don’t get me started on rehashing most of the great scenes from the first film to further our story. Sadly, It is time to put our love of this tale of the time traveling Doctor and his Delorean to rest my friends And as for you, Mr. Zemekis and Mr Spielberg, you should be ashamed of yourself for destroying your wonderfully original story, just so you could “cash in” on our culture of sequels and franchises. *Spoiler Alert* Doc makes it back just fine and creates a new time machine out of a flying steam engine train, does it get any worse, really?*End Spoilers*
            Did that first paragraph annoy you? Are you up in arms right now about how dare someone talk bad about a classic movie? Well good, im glad you are, it means you have a soul. But what is more troubling to me is that were our cynical internet fueled complaint department of a society around in 1989 I guarantee you that the above article would be very real and very common amongst internet movie reviews.
            Don’t get me wrong, I love the internet (and not just for the free downloads and endless videos of people falling down). I love being able to get news and information anytime, whenever I need it, from hundreds of different sources with different interesting opinions on the matter. What I don’t like is how this freedom to give our opinion has turned us into a society of cynical crybabies. Nothing is good enough for us and in terms of the motion picture industry there is no such thing as a great movie anymore because everyone is too busy complaining to actually fall in love with a movie.
            Maybe Im too passionate about the topic, Maybe im just crazy, but I grew up loving the movies. Some of my fondest memories are of going to the movies for a Saturday morning matinee and seeing 2-3 movies in one day, just because I couldn’t imagine there being anything better. Movies sucked me in, whether they were good or bad; I just got on for the ride and hopefully enjoyed it. See I think that’s where our biggest problems stem from nowadays. Instead of heading into a movie with an open mind and the willingness to enter a world that has nothing to do with the “real” world, we walk in with a mental notepad ready to criticize and rip apart the film scene by scene (my favorite criticism always being that something doesn’t look “real” enough: Because wizards and superheroes and monsters are “real”). By the time the film ends there’s nothing left to salvage.
            It could be that im the last of a dying breed or maybe im just complaining as much as everyone else, but in a different way, who knows? What I do know is that movies are meant to entertain us. They are not meant to be real (for the most part), they are simply there to keep us entertained and there is nothing wrong with that. So please, do me a favor, the next time you go to the movies leave your pen and pad at home and pick up a soda and popcorn, stop worrying about how green the Hulk is, how old Indy and John McLane are and whether or not the giant transforming cars are “real” enough for you; and just watch the movie for what it is, hey, you might even end up enjoying yourself.
like I said a rehash but a point i still stand behind nonetheless.... ohh and i apologize for the lack of editing on punctuation or ggrammer this time around but seriously its 3am...im lazy...what do u really want? as a bonus i included above one of my many microsoft paint picture i made at my old job that i used to make to pass time and harass my co workers..... as always...ill see u when i see u

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

To PC, or not to PC: That is the question:

Contrary to popular belief I did not give up my small venture in the literary arts as of yet (give me a few more weeks). Sadly, midway through January, my PC of about 5 years crashed and burned and I've been living like a savage off of my 11yr old daughter's laptop for survival. I dont know if it was the confined space of the laptop coupled with my ogre like fingers or the fact that anytime I tried to write a blog with an 11yr old girl's laptop all I would produce were several pages about the release of the new Justin Beiber or Twilight movies (February 11th and November 18th respectively......ohhh boy, here I go again), but I just figured I should wait till I got my replacement to continue my rambling. So, fast foward 3 weeks and several dell coupon codes later and here I am back and more incoherent than ever.
      I must say, one of the things I enjoyed most throughout this period of technological dark ages in my home was the passionite debate that was sparked when I posed the question "should I get a PC or a Mac?" on my facebook page. Here are two of my favorite responses:

              "You're a cool dude and I'd like to keep you on the "cool dude" roster for next season. I just can't do that if you get a Mac. If you get both then I can kinda... forgive, but not just a Mac. I feel very passionate about this and I believe Apple is behind most of what's wrong in the world today."

              "I don't know what the debate is... longevity:short term, virus safe:constant infection, sexy:plain jane. Let me flip this to appeal the christian... in you... Leah or Rachel, Cain or Able, Judas or Paul. You've been informed, choose salvation!!!! ROTFL...Quit wasting time, get someone in college (they have discount for students) and go buy yourself a mac!"

             I find it pretty interesting that despite all of the advancements we have made in personal computing over the years, that when it comes down to it we find ourselves in the same 2 party system fight that we often do when head to our local voting booths. You have your hardcore conservatives preaching about values and tradition of PCs. You've got the beatnick liberals and their psychedelic creations on MACs. Sprinkle in some moderates who have a PC at home and a MACbook for on the go and even the college kids who experiment with MACs at school but when they come home they still vote PC because it's just what they grew up doing. I just found it fascinating how passionate people could get over how I should cast my vote. It was like a civics lesson, better than any one I could learn in a classroom. In the end I went with a Dell desktop PC because it's what worked best for me at the moment and the savings it brought to my wallet were just more appealing than the MAC could provide (also, some lobbying in favor of a PC from a certain testpig I know didnt hurt either). I'm sure some people are mad at my choice and others are raising their fists in support of my PC purchase. Overall, the lesson I learned from this experience is what's most important: That you can buy alot of burritos with the money you save by checking the internet for coupons before you purchase something.... wait, that wasnt the lesson I learned..........ohhh man, now all I can think about is burritos...........yup, and now I've officially lost whatever point it was that I was trying to make..............I wonder if taco bell is still open?...........ohh well, Its good to be back anyway..... see ya when i see ya ppl