Tuesday, February 8, 2011

To PC, or not to PC: That is the question:

Contrary to popular belief I did not give up my small venture in the literary arts as of yet (give me a few more weeks). Sadly, midway through January, my PC of about 5 years crashed and burned and I've been living like a savage off of my 11yr old daughter's laptop for survival. I dont know if it was the confined space of the laptop coupled with my ogre like fingers or the fact that anytime I tried to write a blog with an 11yr old girl's laptop all I would produce were several pages about the release of the new Justin Beiber or Twilight movies (February 11th and November 18th respectively......ohhh boy, here I go again), but I just figured I should wait till I got my replacement to continue my rambling. So, fast foward 3 weeks and several dell coupon codes later and here I am back and more incoherent than ever.
      I must say, one of the things I enjoyed most throughout this period of technological dark ages in my home was the passionite debate that was sparked when I posed the question "should I get a PC or a Mac?" on my facebook page. Here are two of my favorite responses:

              "You're a cool dude and I'd like to keep you on the "cool dude" roster for next season. I just can't do that if you get a Mac. If you get both then I can kinda... forgive, but not just a Mac. I feel very passionate about this and I believe Apple is behind most of what's wrong in the world today."

              "I don't know what the debate is... longevity:short term, virus safe:constant infection, sexy:plain jane. Let me flip this to appeal the christian... in you... Leah or Rachel, Cain or Able, Judas or Paul. You've been informed, choose salvation!!!! ROTFL...Quit wasting time, get someone in college (they have discount for students) and go buy yourself a mac!"

             I find it pretty interesting that despite all of the advancements we have made in personal computing over the years, that when it comes down to it we find ourselves in the same 2 party system fight that we often do when head to our local voting booths. You have your hardcore conservatives preaching about values and tradition of PCs. You've got the beatnick liberals and their psychedelic creations on MACs. Sprinkle in some moderates who have a PC at home and a MACbook for on the go and even the college kids who experiment with MACs at school but when they come home they still vote PC because it's just what they grew up doing. I just found it fascinating how passionate people could get over how I should cast my vote. It was like a civics lesson, better than any one I could learn in a classroom. In the end I went with a Dell desktop PC because it's what worked best for me at the moment and the savings it brought to my wallet were just more appealing than the MAC could provide (also, some lobbying in favor of a PC from a certain testpig I know didnt hurt either). I'm sure some people are mad at my choice and others are raising their fists in support of my PC purchase. Overall, the lesson I learned from this experience is what's most important: That you can buy alot of burritos with the money you save by checking the internet for coupons before you purchase something.... wait, that wasnt the lesson I learned..........ohhh man, now all I can think about is burritos...........yup, and now I've officially lost whatever point it was that I was trying to make..............I wonder if taco bell is still open?...........ohh well, Its good to be back anyway..... see ya when i see ya ppl


  1. Thank goodness for freedom of choice. I'm just glad your back stalking FB...lol

  2. I read an article about Taco Bell in TIME the other day, stay away!!!!

  3. Thanks Larry ... I have two children who have gone over to the dark side (Mac). I trust that your words about coming back from college and voting PC are prophetic.

  4. Well I mean I really really torn myself. I grew up on a PC and been a 'voting party line' since DOS. (Yea thats right I know DOS) I DO like Macs tho and have nothing against them except for I Tunes insistence you link only one apple i pod type device to one machine. That drives me nuts. I deal with that, and I only own PCs. Here's what It boils to for ME. Money I can get a decent PC laptop at Microcenter at a Black Friday sale for $199. Some times $299. Specs are fine. Totally serviceable runs photoshop and even more resource heavy soft ware.

    A mac book WILL run you $1200. Minimum.

    the downsides are the PC is more open and vulnerable to spam ad ware viruses malware and trojans.

    I'm no programmer and no hacker, But I'm tech savvy know enough to download and ALWAYS keep a bootable Windows 7 disk (albiet pirated) handy JUST in case I cant fix a situation. I also keep any programs and music I might need in a DVD binder near by OR on an external drive.

    I own two PCs One lap top and one desktop.

    Also once in a while, its rare nowadays but theres always that HAVE to HAVE program they just don't freaking make for MAC! DAMMIT!

    I can penny pinch and save up the shell out the $1200 for a mac book.

    Macs support is pretty good, they avoid viruses. As for actually being faster, the tech geeks are still waging blood baths over that debate.

    As a long time member of the PC chior I will admit this, Macs are cool. And you dont get hit with the personal computing world's version of the 'the itis' aka spyware.

    Are they 4 times the price cool ?

    If I just inked a deal with Rocafella and got a nice advance I'd get one.

    But knowing my ADD addled ass, I would leave it in a Denny's with Wifi Access or at a Airline terminal some where.

    And replacing $300 worth of wares is way easier than a $1200 bill.

    $350 to me means a new computer.

    $1200 to me = week in JAMAICA, rude boy.

    Hope this helps.

  5. The only point I disagree with is your comparison of the conservative side with the PCs. I think the MAC generation isn't all lefty, I think they are all the Facebook dude-y. They aren't voting, they're ambivalent, and they, if at all, declare themsleves independent. The revolutionaries, the real left, will be using old PCs and their cellphones to tweet their insurrections while the MACs will drink their lattes, on the side past the security forces, journalizing the events. I say get a PC, be one the the people, live the revolution, and down with the elistest man and all the prettiness he brings with him. War is ugly and your little MAC dress will only get dirty on the front lines. You know what I mean?

  6. Taco Bell has reported that it is only 31% meat...

  7. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..... 31% meat (drooling)

  8. Tanya...I like your way of thinking....though I have no interest in getting my MAC dress dirty!....The whole PC issue itself is almost like the reverse of Lincoln having been a republican in comparison to today's republican party itself.... though, were Lincoln here today, he'd probably be more concerned with ridding our nation of what he would assume were giant metal birds flying over his head.... ohhh that Lincoln, what a character!............