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Comic Reviews from 7/16/11


Writer: Geoff Johns

Art: Doug Mahnke

Publisher: DC

Reviewer: The Writing Rambler

           After some delays we reach the finale of the WAR OF THE GREEN LANTERNS storyline in GREEN LANTERN # 67 and unlike many other final “event” issues this one was actually worth the wait. There was a lot to wrap up in this book and for most part it did a great job, both with payoff for the time the readers have invested, as well as some interesting set up for this September’s re-launch of GREEN LANTERN.

                As I said the story is told well and if you’re a fan of what Geoff Johns has done with the GREEN LANTERN story over the past few years this is yet another of his best moments(I personally think this was much better than BLACKEST NIGHT or BRIGHTEST DAY). You can really see his love for GREEN LANTERN on the pages as it always seems he’s out to top himself with each new issue. I especially like what he has been able to do as far as his management of the several different color lantern corps and despite how easy it would be for all these different corps to get stale very quickly he has been able to keep them an enjoyable part of the overall GREEN LANTERN story.

The artwork in the issue is great; just as it has been for Mahnke’s work overall on GREEN LANTERN. I would assume this may have been the cause of the delays but seeing the final battle take place is such a thing of beauty through his work that it was clearly worth waiting the extra few weeks.

As far as storyline (Spoilers Ahead) in this issue, we get one final battle with Krona and though Hal is obviously the focal point of the book others get their chance to shine as well (I especially enjoyed Kyle getting to use his abilities as an artist to help turn the tide). Each page is action packed and full of the great moments fans have come to expect over the past few years. As the dust settles, were left with several questions to carry us over into the September re-launch. Most notably what is going to become of Sinestro and his newfound “acceptance” back into the GREEN LANTERN corps and how exactly will Hal Jordan fit into the new book(s) now that he has been seemingly stripped of his ring? I honestly have no idea where Geoff Johns and the entire GREEN LANTERN story are headed but I am happily looking forward to whatever next story he has up his sleeve.


Writer: Tony Bedard

Art: Daniel Hdr and Keith Champagne

Publisher: DC

Reviewer: The Writing Rambler


                In the same week that we get the battle filled epic finale to the WAR OF THE GREEN LANTERNS we also get a much smaller tale in GREEN LANTERN CORPS # 61. Much like the latest issue of EMERALD WARRIORS did with Guy Gardner, this issue is pretty much a stand-alone John Stewart tale (though the background is actually connected to the major storyline unlike Guy’s). In many ways it was a perfect complement to the large scale action we saw in GREEN LANTERN # 67 as it shows that even as the battle ends, everyone has to simply “get back to work”.

                Bedard’s storyline is simple enough. The reserve lanterns are turning in their rings due to the events of WAR OF THE GREEN LANTERNS having completed and one feels she shouldn’t have to, so she heads to John Stewart for advice. From here were given a story of John as a mentor for a rookie lantern and despite John being a military man who will always “take the shot when necessary” he teaches her diplomacy and what it means to truly be a bearer of a green ring. It was a solid story for John Stewart and it showed that despite him being able to make the hard decision of killing Mogo in the last issue, he is fully aware and feels the pain of his decision.

                The artwork in the issue is good and I especially love how John is captured at the end of the issue where you can really see the pain he feels for Mogo. The one thing I do have some issue with is the choice for the cover art where we see an enraged John Stewart with the words “John Stewart killed another Green lantern….and He’d DO IT AGAIN” flying off the page below him. I really did not like this. It just completely contradicts the entire story were given in this issue and John Stewart’s personality as a whole. As were shown in the issue, John is an intelligent and strategic warrior who will only make a hard decision when he must and I wish the cover did a better job telling that as well.

                When all is said and done, this was a good issue that allowed the reader to take a breath after the major events that had just concluded. While nowhere near as large scale and full of surprises as this week’s other GREEN LANTERN entry this was a nice addition to the story and a good starting point for WAR OF THE GREEN LANTERNS: AFTERMATH

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