Wednesday, August 31, 2011



Writer: Scott Kolins

Art: Scott Kolins, Daniel HDR, Freddie Williams II and Joe Prado

Publisher: DC

Reviewer: The Writing Rambler


                They always say all good things must come to an end and after 63 issues as the main cover reminds us it’s time to say “goodbye” to the GREEN LANTERN CORPS. This “goodbye” will be short lived of course, as most readers are fully aware GREEN LANTERN CORPS will continue in the new GREEN LANTERN CORPS #1 (currently scheduled for a September 21st release).  Nonetheless, I enjoyed this issue as it continued to show how disheveled the Corps have become in the aftermath of the WAR OF THE GREEN LANTERNS and took time to remind us that despite the hard times there is still honor amongst the Corps.

                Scott Kolins presents the reader with four different chapters showing some of the different ways the GREEN LANTERNS CORPS are suffering in the wake of this past war. I actually enjoyed how this was handled for the most part. The way the stories are presented sets up some ideas for where the series may be headed in the relaunch and it does so without focusing on main characters like Hal or Sinestro. The fact that some of the “lesser” characters are given focus here is the high point of the issue and a good reminder that though most larger stories revolve around the 4 earth lanterns, there is a much bigger GREEN LANTERN CORPS who are being affected by these events. Probably the best of the 4 stories actually revolves around the idea that many of the GREEN LANTERNS have reached a boiling point towards their disdain of the earth lanterns and are tired of them seemingly always being the center of the Corps’ problems. I’m hoping this idea is explored in depth once the relaunch happens as it could provide some great stories of conflict within the Corps.

                The art in the issue is much like the story as it is divided into four unique chapters. Normally I’m not a fan of multiple artists handling one issue (as it can become a distraction) but it works here as were presented with each individual tale. All four artists hold their own in the book and I especially liked the combination of Freddie Williams II’s art matched with Kolins’ story about the anger towards the earth lanterns (which Kyle Rayner is forced to be the recipient of).  I also loved the variant cover featuring Kyle  looking like the toughest version of a blue lantern I’ve ever seen, though I must point out, at no point in this issue (or any of the relaunch cover previews for that matter) does Kyle become a blue lantern. In all honesty it makes no sense as a variant to this issue but its artistic quality should still be commended.

                As the issue ends, the reader is presented with the idea that despite all of these obstacles, true members of the GREEN LANTERN CORPS know their duty comes above all other things. Some may find the wrap up of the issue somewhat cheesy and forced (which I can understand to an extent) but I think the overall reminder that members of the GREEN LANTERN CORPS hold a high honor and take it very seriously despite their disagreements is a great way to end the 63 issue run. While I wouldn’t say this was the best possible way the series could have “ended” I do think its handled well enough to give proper closure to a solid book and bridge the gap for what’s to come.


  1. i think i like the blue version of your drawing rather than the green one.

    Sig: Andrew | sphygmomanometer

  2. I agree, I love the variant blue cover much more than the standard one. I just wish it had more to do with the story that was presented.