Wednesday, August 31, 2011



Writer: Tony Bedard

Art: Ransom Getty & Andy Smith

Publisher: DC

Reviewer: The Writing Rambler


                With WAR OF THE GREEN LANTERNS: AFTERMATH # 2 we finally reach the end of the entire WAR OF THE GREEN LANTERNS story. There’s so much happening that there’s no real closure given to the overall storyline but it’s not necessarily a bad thing in this case. While it does a lot more on the setting up end than actually closing out the WAR story, it is still an enjoyable read and is definitely great for any GREEN LANTERN fan waiting for all the repercussions from the events that just took place to be fleshed out more come September.

                One thing I particularly enjoyed about Tony Bedard handling this AFTERMATH story is the way he focuses on each of the lantern’s personalities in his writing. While I enjoy Geoff John’s large scale stories and what he’s done with GREEN LANTERN overall, I do always like seeing how Bedard can “take it down a notch” and get back to focusing on what’s going on inside the heads of the main characters. He gives us a story where the Corps are all but broken and there’s a real sense of confusion amongst most of its members as to what is going to happen next. Characters are angry, dealing with loss and having to accept decisions they don’t agree with while still remaining loyal to the corps. It sets a great mood for the series overall and is a good starting point for what’s to come.

I also enjoyed the art in this issue and actually preferred Getty and Smith’s work here over Miguel Sepulveda and Tyler Kirkham’s work on the first issue. There were a few panels in the first issue (specifically a few oddly drawn captures of Sinestro) that just took me out of the story but here I feel like everything is crisp and flows well. I also have to mention the Cover art (both the regular by Tom Fleming and variant by Dave Johnson) which are just beautifully drawn and do a great job of conveying the tone of the books in very simple yet detailed work.

The only real low point of this book is when the story jumps back to a conversation taking place between Saint Walker and Ganthet. While I have no problem with the story that’s being set up, it just seems to come out of nowhere in the book (much like it did in issue #1) and feels out of place in the issue. It’s like there should be a cheesy caption above it that reads “Meanwhile…on the other side of OA”. All in all, it’s a small blemish in an otherwise well handled story.

Overall, WAR OF THE GREEN LANTERN’S: AFTERMATH does a good job of continuing the story, though it does present more questions than answers. It leaves the reader with some closure for the larger war (particularly a great “memorial” for Mogo) but still anticipating everything that’s on its way. It shows just how much the events of this war have taken out of the Corps and how there will probably be a lot of changes coming because of it. Personally, I think it’s a great time to be a fan of GREEN LANTERN and with four different titles coming in the DC relaunch I’m hoping for even more exciting stories in the future.

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