Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Blog The First

So, here we go......Time to start my blog....... I guess I should start by introducing myself. I'm one of those cliched people who always thought I should start a blog but "never had the time", I was too busy with work or my kids..... or falling asleep on my couch after eating wayyyy too much chicken parm and baked ziti for dinner (one of the few wonderful things I have no interest in changing in the glorious new year). In other words, I'm probably just like a majority of you out there (though you...yeah you, the guy in the "furry" suit who is looking up strange midget websites......I'm probably not completely like you, but nonetheless, I appreciate your patronage), just trying to make my way in the world. I'm nothing special, just a guy who figured I should try to see if people cared about what I have to say.
          Another reason I'm starting this blog is because much like so many other people who are hardworking, intelligent and willing to do their best for their respective companies, I find myself out of work. Now before you think to yourself "ohh boy, here goes another angry unemployed guy complaining about 'The Man'", let me just state I in no way blame "The Man" for my current situation. In fact I actually blame you.... well not just you, but "You" collectively or better put, "Us". We all as a society have become enamored with the idea of immediate gratification. From food, to news, to our never ending updates of whatever meaningless status we decide to provide at any given moment (this blog is a perfect example of that). With that said, I cant in any way be mad that my former employer ( lets just call them Spomcast Spable ) subscribes to the idea that clearing out an entire department of talented people to save some money is a good thing. It's the world we have created and embraced. No more hard work and no more loyalty, just who can do it fastest and cheapest. So with that said I say Thank you to those who let me go, as I hope greater things can come from it and that I can achieve my goal of writing for a living that I had abandoned long ago (that story will have to be another blog entry or 10 in the future).
         As far as what type of blog ill be writing, well your guess is as good as mine my friend. I'm new to this and I honestly have too many ideas in my head at one time to pretend Ive got it all figured out. I love movies, the joy of all things nerd and I'm a huge fan of finding discounts online, so those are a few of the things I'll probably ramble about in the future. I hope you can handle this as a reader ( I mean in my defense I did name the blog "the writing rambler", when I well could have called it "the writing guy who is speaking about a particular expertise in one specific thing"). I cant promise I'll always follow a form or stick to a certain script but I do give you my word I'll do my best to keep you entertained (though again, midget website "furry" guy, this probably doesn't apply to you) while I write about whatever it is that I'm writing about. With that said, I'll see ya when I see ya.