Saturday, April 30, 2011

why Green Lantern matters in 10 min or less

Summer movie season is upon us and while i hope to have a full, properly prepared blog soon dedicated to my favorite summer pastime I would like to quickly make a statement about what I consider my "most Important" movie of the Season. In a summer filled with superhero films and other blockbusters that are looking to lighten your wallets, there is one that stands out so much more to me and I feel should also stand out to anyone who really enjoys epic sci fi on the big screen. That film is without question, green lantern. Why you may ask? for one reason this movie is a HUGE gamble for DC and warner bros. I'm a pretty big GL fan and I understand the Epicness and scope that the stories this movie is based upon represents. This is not just another superhero in a costume out to save the city dedicated to their protection alone, but instead this character represents a larger sci fi universe that is being tested on general audiences this summer. if its a success there may be plenty of great world exploring stories for years to come but if its a failure i guarantee the only superhero movies you see (especially from DC/Warner Bros) will take place in cities that resemble NYC in some form or another. I could write for days on this subject and i probably will in the future but for now I will just simply say If your a lover of SCI FI and you want to see different stories go check out green lantern this June 17th. whether or not it sucks is beyond the point. the genre it represents is much more important.

...see ya when i see ya....whew!

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