Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day, Smchearth Day

As I wrap up my evening here in a cold and rainy NJ, I'm reminded that today is that grand tree hugging holiday of old called Earth Day. It's a day I don't particularly care for and not just because I'm an ignorant, crotchety, horrible man. It's actually much more than those facts. See I've always had issues with most things that the majority of people accept as the norm ( My current biggest hatred is the Bullying propaganda being shoved down the children and parents' throats of this country, but that's subject for a whole nother horrid ramble). It's not that I'm trying to go against the grain or anything remotely hipsterish like that. I just never liked things that seem to promote how great we as a society are. Here me out if you will. And if you do I thank you in advance because as I've already admitted, I'm a horrible man. We often love to create days or movements that proclaim to the world how great we are as a people. That if we collectively band together we can achieve anything with simply our own abilities. Here's the truth, we can't. People in general are selfish, prideful beings. No matter how wonderful of a person one may be, deep down inside at our core we are all about ourselves. Earth day is a perfect example of how wonderful we think we are. We as a people have spent years destroying this world we were given and now because we have grown into a more "conscious" generation of people we act as though obnoxious acts of self righteousness are going to fix everything. Walking somewhere for one day instead of using your car every April and then spending the rest of your year buying and wasting products isn't going to fix anything. It's just going to make you feel better about yourself. Now I also understand there are some who actually live as every day is earth day who only buy recycled products and the whatnot. I also notice that these are usually the most judgmental folk you can run into. I don't doubt their sincerity always, but I often wonder if even subconsciously it's less about saving the planet than it is making oneself feel that they are more elevated of a human being than others. I know I'm being quite judgemental myself here, but I will thrice reiterate, I am a terrible man. I'll close my poor excuse for a blog entry with his thought. If you really feel that your efforts are leaving an undeniable positive mark on this world than that's great, do it to your hearts content. But until we as people are willing to actually take a step backwards and completely overhaul our minds and hearts individually there is no hope for a societal change. I'm all for good stewardship, I just hate when stewards walk around talking like their the king.

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