Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Its been fun Kindle Fire....But I think its time we went our separate ways

Dear Kindle Fire,

           How are you my love? I hope all finds you well. Its been a whirlwind romance we've had these past 3+ months and I just want to say that despite the current situation we find ourselves in, Ive enjoyed every moment I spent with you. From the first moment I laid eyes upon you, I knew you were something special. You do so many things right and although our own relationship is coming to an end I know you can still provide this world with so much joy. From your price point of $199 to your wonderful app store where you have something free to offer everyday, you are better than you may ever know. I know it seems odd that as I choose to leave you I shower you with compliments, but I do so in hopes that you continue to grow, as I know your future holds great things. That's the future though and we sadly find ourselves in the here and now.
          Right now I just need something different. For the most part you did everything I needed, but the one thing I asked you for most you just couldn't provide. I told you when we first met that more than anything I loved you because you gave me access to the world of digital comics. I needed that access, that ability to be able to find things at a moments notice and for a while you did everything you could to give me that. But alas, then came the new year, and you started to get lazy. I'd come to you asking for titles and you'd tell me you didn't have them, even though I knew you did. You tried to blame Comixology for your problems and said it was their fault and for a time I believed you. I tried to tell myself it wasn't your fault but then I looked around and saw that Comixology worked fine for everyone else, just not for you. I started to realize that they weren't the problem.
       I know it seems cold to leave you when your down. To just run off looking for someone else who can give me what I'm looking for but that's just what needs to happen and I'm sorry for that. I made sure that someone else would take good care of you. I found them on Ebay and they seem very willing to open their home to you and provide you the love I no longer can. I'm moving on as well. I've recently been looking into opening my heart up to the Ipad. I know its easy to be angry and just think I'm leaving you for the younger, prettier option that's just popped up in my life, but I need that Comixology fix and I know they can provide it. I hope we can still be friends and someday we can both look back and remember our time together with fondness. Best wishes and luck on all of your future endeavors.

Love Always,

Writing Rambler

P.S. Ill see you when I see you

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