Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How goes it my old friends?

Hey there intertubes...ohh how I have been neglecting you!....Well, not really the web itself but all of you wonderfully fantastic readers are who I've actually been neglecting .....You have my sincerest apologies.... I think my last rant about the Green Lantern movie took the juice out of me but here I am attempting to make amends for my wrongs....So lets see, whats new you may ask?....Same old same old for the most part, though I have ventured into some more of the literary arts (or maybe it would be considered my defiling of the literary arts...I'll leave that for you to decide)... I recently started the undertaking of writing up some weekly comic book reviews for , one of the best places you can find news about TV,Movies,Books and pretty much all things geek within this horrible filthy place we call the stop by and check out the comic reviews every Wednesday... theres always a ton of great stuff to read.....okay enough shameless self promotion..."But what about us", you say? Don't worry my rambling here will remain my first love...

I have another topic specific blog or 5 coming up but I wanted to just throw out some bullet points for some stuff I may have missed while I was off wandering the abyss (a.k.a asleep on my couch).... so here we go in completely schizophrenic order....

- Saw Transformers 3....not much to say because by now I assume almost all of you have seen it as it made 80 bajillion dollars (actual amount) over the past 2 weeks.... It's a fun, leave your brain at the door movie....Summer needs those type of movies....would I have liked it to be better? Of course I would (I personally would have wanted a shot for shot remake of the old animated movie but clearly that isnt going to happen) but by now I know my expectations for a Michael Bay movie and honestly it was better than I thought it would be.... also it was the first movie since Avatar that didnt make me regret paying to see it in Imax 3D...soo good for them...they have my approval

- Went to the beach one day...hid from the sun....did'nt burst into flames...strange little kid asked me to build a sand castle with him....I chose to walk away because I'm fully aware that the sight of me building a sandcastle with a small child who has no relation to me is a McGruff the crimedog commercial on keeping away from starangers waiting to happen....also got jelly fish goo in my beard that day....all in all a pretty good day if you ask me

- For anyone who watches wrestling...what C.M. Punk is doing on the microphone each week is honestly a gift to fans so enjoy it before one of the writers in the back thouroughly screws up the storyline

- I got to finally go eat at Bobby's Burger Lord is that place good

- Just saw that Rango comes out on dvd/blu ray on 7/15....seriously an awesome animated film that didnt get nearly as much love as it should have....definitely give it a try

- dont take 2 Advil PM's and then remember you need to write your next blogzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzhuh what?.....okay I'm back

With all that said I'm glad to be back here spewing my own brand of word vomit and I'm even gladder (thats clearly not a word) that your here with me.......

P.S. I decided to up my ante with the blog and combine my twitter feed with this same wonderful name so feel free to ramble right back at me on Twitter @Writing_Rambler

See ya when I see ya folks

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